Kehlani F&MU Mp3 Mp4 Video Download Lyrics

Kehlani F&MU Mp3 Mp4 Video Download Lyrics

Kehlani F&MU Mp3 Mp4 Video Download Lyrics

“F&MU” stands for “fuck and make-up” as the singer details in the record, a rocky relationship in which each person is petty with the other, resulting in frequent bouts of make-up sex. Some may speculate this is about her relationship with YG, which had its own share of rather publicized up and downs, including an instance of alleged cheating. But who knows.

The visual shows Kehlani and her male partner having fun dancing in matching flannel and sweats, before getting hot and heavy in the shower.

What do you think of the latest single? She’s already made headlines with the sexy “Toxic” video, which if you missed it, you can check here.

In related news, Kehlani and Kamaiyah seem to be beefing, which has resulted in a bit of a back-and-forth between the two, each making claims as to what went down.

Quotable Lyrics

I might have to piss you off
I might have to cause a scene just so you can take it off
You handle it different when you really get to trippin
And I miss it when you hit it like that, that, that
Ain’t no cap, cap, cap
I make you mad, mad, mad
Why I gotta fuck you up to make you fuck like that

Artist Kehlani has a new album on the way, titled It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, which is due out on May 8th. As fans count down the days, the singer has shared a few songs to give a taste, and she follows it up today with another new song-slash-visual for “F&MU.”

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