Lonr – AM Mp4 Video Download

Lonr AM Mp4 Video Download

Lonr AM Mp4 Video Download

Lonr AM Mp4 Video Download

Lonr AM Mp4 Video Download

The songwriting prodigy penned tracks for the Grammy-winning songstress, including “As I Am” and “Take You Away,” as one of H.E.R.’s most trusted collaborators, and even won two Grammy nominations on its own.

The secret weapon of music is now stepping into its own. Born in Los Angeles, he relocated to Cape Cod at 8 years old and taught himself to produce as a kid in his bedroom, inspired by everything from Pharrell and OutKast to the scores for Star Wars and The Pursuit of Happyness.

“I’ve always felt like a loner in society,” he explains. “I connect through music, but I go about it in an unconventional style. It’s not typical. I like to go the other way. ”

Lonr. shows his musical versatility on his new single “A.M.” He penned the spirited party anthem after returning to his native L.A. for one of the first times since moving away as a child.

“I wanted to do it big, I wanted to party. My music can be serious, but there’s also a fun side— there are many sides to my personality, ”he tells Rap-Up. “You hear it on‘ A.M.’ Making the video was definitely a moment. I think everyone’s going to enjoy the colors as much as I did. Watching it feels like we were on another planet. It looks wild, it felt wild. Everyone was just going ape shit off and on set. That’s my favorite type of energy, when everyone’s having fun amongst the chaos. ”

Lonr. is now readying his debut EP Land of Nothing Real for release this fall.

Watch him hop out and rock out in the “A.M.” video below.

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