Pop Smoke – Get Back Mp3 Download Lyrics

Pop Smoke Get Back Mp3 Download Lyrics

Pop Smoke Get Back Mp3 Download Lyrics

Pop Smoke Get Back Mp3 Download Lyrics

Pop Smoke Get Back Mp3 Download Lyrics

While Lil Wayne’s Funeral (2020) might have topped this week’s Billboard Hot 200 Albums chart and secured his fifth number one studio album to date.

Pop Smoke’s sophomore musical offering in Meet The Woo 2 (2020), will open the door for the 20-year-old to become an internationally known musician. With album cuts including “Shake The Hall,” “Foreigner,” “Mannequin,” and more has been proved by Brooklyn emcee that he can shape a cohesive, full-length project properly.

The LP includes an additional B-side track, entitled “Get Home,” which in the near future may find its way to some big playlists.

The production of “Get Back” is the perfect balance of organized chaos and classic hip-hop elements.

An indistinguishable horn/string sample quietly holds the song’s melody while periodically a soft piano riff adds an extra-musical component to the beat.

However, the thunderous 808 bass line and police sirens dominate the instrumental as Pop Smoke aggressively delivers a plethora of gun bars letting his opposition know to stay back. The combination of Juju on the Beat, Yoz Beatz, and Pop Smoke is a trio that knows how to curate quick hits in under a two-minute time frame.   

Check out Pop Smoke’s “Get Back” in the streaming link provided below and listen to Meet The Woo 2, here. 

Quotable Lyrics

N*gga be talkin’ hot, but he ain’t on shit (Woo)
I got like fifty rounds up in this clip
If I go to jail, n*gga, I’ll plead the Fifth (Uh?)
‘Cause mommy still gon’ love her kid
N*ggas tryna lock me up and give me a bid, huh?
I’m like n*gga, f*ck the pigs
The judge like, “Why you actin’ like a d*ck?”
I said, “I’m movin’ like I’m Steven Vic”
My lawyer like, “Poppy, why you brazen?”
I said, “I pop a Perc’ and feel amazin'”

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